Henna on porous bleached hair

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Henna on porous bleached hair
I was a happy henna user for almost a decade before chemically lightening my hair and using fire engine red deposit dyes like Manic Panic and Pravana for two years. My hair is naturally medium dark brown with about 20% Gray, and I used to dye with body art quality henna from here to a lovely chocolate cherry shade. My latest style has been chemically dyed dark brown on top, fading to an ombre dark purple on bottom. As you can imagine, the bottom half of my bra strap length hair is very porous. I am going to have to slightly bleach it after having used Color Oops Color Remover, since at the very tips so much Brown dye absorbed that it won't come out easily and it is nearly black. My plan is to start henna again.. but my previous experience with henna is putting it over more or less virgin hair. Since my hair is so porous (and soon to be lightened to caramel brown orange to remove the black) at the end, will it also absorb much more henna? I don't mind a slight ombre look, with my brown virgin hair on top being chocolate cherry with the porous, lightened tips being much more red, but I want to avoid another " absorb so much dye it is practically black" situation. I am planning to do some strand tests, but it is naturally a bit difficult to use hair harvested from my brush since part of my length is porous and bleached, part of it is virgin, and part is dyed but easily removed (basically one portion of my hair was dyed and bleached multiple times and is very damaged and processes very fast, and one was only dyed once, and the dye easily lightened to a nice, usable base color). Should I use a protein filler first to prevent excess dye absorbtion?
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Using Ancient Sunrise henna

Using Ancient Sunrise henna over bleached hair tends to not bind as well, since the proteins are weakened, but just do a couple of applications for it to deepen. Or try doing a cassia treatment first, then a henna treatment in about a week. Your ends will need some tlc, and both cassia and henna can help with that!

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