EOs while pregnant

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EOs while pregnant

So I just confirmed yesterday's test results and I am definitely pregnant with baby #2. (Two positives in two days can't possibly be false... right?)

Anyway, I have a batch of Celebration in the freezer that's mixed with half cajeput and half lavender; is that safe to use or should I keep it frozen and mix up a lavender-only paste for any pregnant henna?

ETA: I did some snooping around to various places and I called my midwife. I got conflicting reports on whether or not cajeput is safe; my midwife says that if I'm not allergic it *shouldn't* be a problem, but if I'm unsure, I shouldn't used it. I think I'll err on the side of caution and only use lavender on myself till the baby arrives. Thanks for your input, everybody!

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Re: EOs while pregnant

Congratulations :)

I know lavendar is safe, though I'm not sure about the Cajeput.  I would think you'd be alright, but hopefully someone more knowledgeable will answer that one :)

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Re: EOs while pregnant

You would need someone that KNOWS the saturation level of EO's and how they cross the skin / blood barrier .... 

BUT - I am preggers, I use Rani oil on myself just as I did before I was preggers, and our baby so far looks normal on the scans. ( no third head or anything like that)  I do less henna on myself than I did before I was preggers but I have not had any reactions.

I would say typically the lavender in the paste is a precaution when doing henna on people for the first time for liability reasons. Since you know you do not have an allergy to the cajaput, it should be ok as long as you are not rolling around in it. 

Anything in moderation. 

Logically I don't see how it could be any worse than the chemicals in shampoo, soap, tap water, and those things are on your body far more often than the oils would be. 

BUT- your Dr and someone more skilled in oils should have the final say. 

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Re: EOs while pregnant


There are a lot of great books out there on aromatherapy.  My researched yeilded a decision that to continue using true lavender and tea tree oil was just fine.  I choose to use certified organic essential oils and am very comfortable using eos while preggos and with my brood of small children about.

I did festival work throughout my last two pregnancies and worked right on up until the end.

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