Are shampoo glazes possible?

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Are shampoo glazes possible?

I'd like to know if one could substitute shampoo for the conditioner in a glaze. (Apologies if this is redundant. I couldn't find any info searching the site. If admin knows of a similar thread, please, just direct me there.) I suspect I would find it easier to work with a shampoo glaze rather than conditioner glazes. I have waist length hair, and it's hard to keep from dripping when I do a conditioning treatment. I believe shampoos tend to be alkaline. Would this increase the "ash factor"? I wouldn't mind that. Thanks in advance!

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Shampoo has different

Shampoo has different chemistry than conditioner. I would suggest using conditioner or plain yogurt.  Regardless of what is used, it will probably be drippy.  Shampoos are acidic, as are conditioners. Shampoos tend to be less acidic than conditioners, only because conditioners are used to bring the pH of the shaft back down to about  a 4/5 since hair itself is on the acidic side of the pH scale.  If something is alkaline, it doesn't make henna ashy, it just makes it not stick so well.

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