creating a neutral/cool red over bleached hair

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creating a neutral/cool red over bleached hair

I really want to stop bleaching my hair as I want to grow it. At the moment I have about an inch of my natural light ash brown root with a few greys the rest is a mix of straw and ash blonde. I want to henna it but do not want to end up highlighter orange! I know the bleached portion will be brighter than roots but figure this will look like ombre as it grows and I continue to do the roots. So could you recommend a way of getting a red rather than orange result. I want to steer clear of indigo as my hair grabs black and I don't want to end up with black/brown hair or risk the bleached bits going green. Would Amla reduce orangeness? My skin tone is cool so I look really sallow with orange I best suit berry red colours but a true red would be fine too. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks x

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Deeper red


I would recommend doing strand tests of Twilight henna and Monsoon henna with Maluma Kristalovino acid powder, or Nightfall rose. Twilight is our highest dye content and results in a deep, rich auburn on lighter hair, but has more of a coppery tone. Monsoon isn't as deep but has more of a red tone. The MK and Nighfall Rose acid powders will deepen, and cool the reds, respectively.  You shouldn't get bright orange with either hennas with either powders, but I'd play around to see which result you'd like best.

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