Henna over chemically treated hair

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Henna over chemically treated hair

I've been using henna and indigo for several years now and love it, so I am wanting my daughter to use it too. I've looked and read but want some reassurance. 

She is dark blonde naturally and has been using chemicals to make it red.  She has about an inch or two of regrowth of dark blonde and the rest is red.  Do I need to have her dye her whole head the dark blonde -mback to her natural color - and then use henna to make it red or can I just put henna all over her head, the regrowth and the chemically red hair?



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Most likely you can henna right over everything, and it will blend just fine. There may be a slight difference between thr chemically treated hair and root growth, and if so, you can reapply to the roots for a greater saturation of color. Henna tends to blend previous colors very well, though. Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!

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