Misleading directions on box and paper....need clarification

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Misleading directions on box and paper....need clarification

Got the Grey coverage kit Dark Brunette hair.  New item I never had in previous shipment so I am thinking I got the wrong kit.  Its a little packet with white powder. Should I use this even though I never used it before???

1) Box directions say mix Henna with distilled water.  Paper inside box said mix with acid.  Which is it??  In the past I have use half apple juice and distilled water.

2)  I think my past kit were not for grey hair.  Not sure why I bought it this time as my hair is about 30% grey.  Can I still use the kit I bought? What about the little white packet?  Should I still use it??






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New Kits


We redesigned our kits at the end of last year. Everything is the same save for the addition of the acidic powder. This takes the place of the acidic liquid you'd normally use, so You just use distilled water instead. Each acidic powder has special qualities that make for a more successful dye. For the Gray hair kits, the Malluma Kristalovino causes the henna to be a deeper shade, for richer brunette results. If you prefer to use a fruit juice, just leave the powder out and mix and dye release as normal.

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