Amla together or separate?

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Amla together or separate?

Hello ~

If I want to use amla for some volume and to add some curl back in to my hair, will I get better results if I mix the amla with my Henna or if I use it a few days later as a separate treatment?

Also - if results are better when mixed with the henna, would I do the method where I use the amla as the acidic for the henna, or the method where I just add the amla to the henna after the henna has dye release?

Thank you!

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You can use it one of three ways:

Adding amla into the henna at the beginning, as the acid, will tone out the brighter tones.

If you want to keep the henna brighter red, you can add the amla in after the dye release, right before you apply,

or, you can use it as a separate treatment after henna.

All three ways will be pretty much equally effective.

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