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First time user questions

Hello everyone,

I used Ancient Sunrise Warm black kit for the first time on Friday and loved the result!!

I have natural black hair which has grayed and I have been dyeing it black with L'oreal color for the past 5 years. I wanted to go all natural and I discovered ancient sunrise.

My grays have turned a lovely brown colour. I want this to remain and colour my hair the same way, perhaps make it a little dark brown,

From here - what do I purchase in bulk so I can create the same colour in my hair. The kit albeit great for first time use due to the premeasured amounts, gloves and instructions, gets expensive if purchased everytime I want to colour :)

Thanks ladies for all the help in advance


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Warm Black


I'm so glad you love the results! The Warm Black kit contains 200g Zekhara indigo, 50g Twilight Henna, and 3g Malluma Kristalovino. The Indigo and henna come in 100g packets normally, with discounts starting at 500g (5 packets) and increasing at 1k and 2k. the Malluma Kristalovino comes in a 60g jar, which would be enough for 20 warm black kits.

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