Cassia over Henna/Indigo/Amla

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Cassia over Henna/Indigo/Amla



I have several questions, but will start with a hopefully small one first.  I have been using a henna/indigo/amla combintation in equal portions for a couple of years and would like to, possibly, transition away from the color and let my natural color come forth (light brown with 30% grey).  However, I know I will miss the benefits that henna and amla provide.  So, I am wondering if I can use a cassia/amla combination over my current color and if so, what should I expect to color outcome to be with a cassia overlay and will the cassia add the same volume that henna does?

Thank you!


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Cassia and amla

Cassia and amla will produce a faint, neutral golden tone, but won't always fully cover grays. Cassia will provide similar conditioning/strengthening benefits as henna, especially with repeated application.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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