How long does cassia last?

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How long does cassia last?

So after dying my hair with hnna for 4 years,  I decided I wanted to grow out my nautral color.   However, my hair is so fine that I'm missing the protecion and thickness henna used to give my hair,  I was thinking about using cassia to add protection to my hair, especially since I'm moving to Austin and I'm worried about the heat frying it.

My main question thi=ough is cassia permanent or does it fade out?  I remembered reading thatcassia only lasts a month or so.  That is totally fine with me, because I don't want something crazy permanent like henna.  My ultimate plan is to grow out my hair really long and then 2-4 months before my wedding getting some really naural highlights in my hair and then dying it with henna.  I really don't want to do anything that would make it hard to bleach my hair a bit later.  I'm not doing it now because I don't see myself keeping up with the maintenance .  

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You can bleach over cassia and henna without any problem. If you're doing cassia just as a conditioning treatment (not dye releasing it) you can honestly do it as often as you like. Cassia tends not to bind quite as strongly as henna, so you could probably do a cassia treatment every 3 weeks or so. Whenever you feel like your hair needs an extra boost.

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