Indigo allergy and Henna for African Hair

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Indigo allergy and Henna for African Hair


On the Henna for Relaxed hair forum someone was advised by a representive to use Henna for African hair as she had an allergy to indigo. Why is this ? I thought Henna for African hair still contained indigo.

Thank you Elaine

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Henna for African hair


I'm not sure what post you are referring to, but it's possible that they meant to use only henna, if you have an allergy to indigo. Henna on its own will results in red tones, but combined with indigo it will be shades of brown. The henna is just henna; it doesn't contain any indigo. The Henna for African Hair Kits offer combinations of henna and indigo for medium brunette, dark brunette, and black.

If you have an allergy to indigo, you can dye your hair with henna, but you will not be able to create brunette mixes. I hope this helps!

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