Cassia/Henna after chemo

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Cassia/Henna after chemo

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I completed chemo and my hair has started regrowing. The first regrowth was translucent and I still looked bald. Not knowing anything about henna I tried a rainbow henna and got orange. Yikes.

I tried to take it out with color oops and then I colored it twice with drugstore bought brown to try to tone it down.

My hair has started graying and from what I have seen of the regrowth it could be almost 1/3 or 1/2 gray with brown and I am far too young to be gray. My natural color is a light brown with gold/slightly red highlights in the sun.

What I would like is to use cassia/henna hoping my gray can be colored lighter - blonde or dirty blonde. If I make that change now, the red/brown hair is only 1/2" so it would be a short time to transition.

I can't do a strand test because I have no strands and my regrowth is maybe 1/2" you can still see a little scalp in the front. Now my temples are showing a bit of gray (making it look like the hair is receding!) so i will have to do the "roots" such as they are, soon.

I ordered the Ancient sunrise blonde kit, the chai kit and some cassia and alma (because I read it tones down the red/yellow and helps keep the natural curl). I know I will have to experiement. I was thinking perhaps the cassia would be the safest to try first? I would be happy if I could get a reasonable blonde on the gray/white hair & I'll grow out the 1/2' of red/brown. I bought the chai kit in case that doesn't work out & I need to try for a light brown.

Does anyone have any guidance or suggestions for me? It's just impossible to pre-test the hair I have - even if I did a spot test in the back, the front is more gray and less thick, so I think I just have to try something.

I appreciate any help, suggestions or guidance.


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I would recommend starting with the blonde kit, then trying the cassia and amla if the blonde is too bright, or doesn't cover enough. Then try the chai. Always go darker to lighter when dyeing with henna and such. The chai kit will be a nice neutral darker blonde, and the henna in it will help the dye be more permanent.

To save product, I definitely recommend calling us at 330-673-0600 and someone can help you measure out how much you'd need in the right ratios, so you can use the powders again later. :)

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