Shades of henna

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Shades of henna

Hi again. :-)


I've gotten started on my hair using pure henna from Henna Color Lab, but I am planning on ordering some samples from

My goal was more or less to blend my gray hair into my natural color.  I started with light brown hair with gold and red undertones;  I did a gloss using 1 cup conditioner, 1/4 cup henna mixed with hot water, and 1/4 cup indigo mixed with hot water and I left this mixture on my head for 45-60 minutes.  My result was a slightly darker brown that was considerably more ashy and it muted out my gold tones.  My gray hairs turned ash blonde.  This was acceptable, but I started getting antsy and wanted to go all out.. but slowly LOL

About a week later I did another gloss.. This time I used 1 cup conditioner mixed with 10 1/2 tablespoons dye released henna that was prepared with 2 1/2 tablespoons of amla powder.  I did this Saturday night and it's Monday evening now, so it might not be quite done oxidizing yet.  My result is (so far) coppery/fiery orange grays and the majority of my hair is a rather fabulous coppery/auburn color.  I really love it, but I want even more color!

I've been reading as much as I can find about the differences of each of the hennas that are currently available; I'm feeling that I'm probably going to want either the Rajasthani Jasmine or the Rajasthani Monsoon.  I am enjoying hennaing my hair, but I don't want to end up with it too dark.  I'm also trying to avoid any unnatural hair colors.  I keep having dreams that I put henna in my hair and it turns bright cherry red - I don't want that or burgundy.

My guess right now is that I'll want the Monsoon and mix with copper berry instead of amla, but I'm not certain.

I will attach a photo showing my "ideal" color and maybe you guys can help me decide which henna you think would be most appropriate to achieve that color?  I am okay with needing several applications to achieve it, I enjoy the process and would like to make it a one day per month beauty day if possible.

I posted a shot of my gray streak right after washing .. it has gotten slightly darker orange/copperish, it's not quite as gold/orange

Also a shot of my hair in sun on a bright overcast day.  My camera isn't great with accurately portraying color, so I'm inclined to say the color is a bit more vibrant than shown.

The last photo is the ultimate ideal color that I would like to achieve, or as close as I can get to that.


Any help on which samples of henna and which acids seem appropriate to achieve this is greatly appreciated!  I'm feeling like Raj Jasmine with amla or Raj Monsoon with copper berry might be the way to go, but I'm mostly guessing.  I will be doing strand tests, I just need to get enough of my current color to fall out that I can actually test it out!  :-)


Thank you guys so much.  :-)


EDIT: Looks like photos don't properly work in this forum.. so here are links to them on the Flickr page.  Please let me know if they don't work for some reason!

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The good thing is Burgundy is

The good thing is Burgundy is really hard to get in general because henna has a red-orange dye molecule. 
Copperberry helps prevent henna from darkening as much and Monsoon has the weakest lawesone, so it won't be as dark as the Jasmine.  If you choose the Jasmine, I would still recommend choosing Copperberry with it.

Henna takes to the head slightly different from person to person, so I would recommend testing as it looks like you are planning =D  You can always contact as us as well or you can call us at 330-673-0600.

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