Loss of curl

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Loss of curl


I have been using henna/indigo for 7 months now. I am Sicilian and have VERY naturally curly hair.  Now it is barely wavy??   I was told to add Amla to the mix. I did using the suggested amount with no results. I doubled the amount...still no return of my curls.   I love usig a natural product instead of a vox of chemicals, but this is very frustrating.

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I'm sorry to hear you're frustrated. Amla generally does do a good job of retaining curl, but it works better for some people than others. Have you tried amla on its own as a treatment? Mix it with water into a paste, apply to hair for 10 minutes, rinse out, and set your damp hair in braids or curlers.

Also, have you been using the henna and indigo on the full head each time or just the roots? if you aren;t already, keeping treatments to just to roots can help from overloading your hair with henna, which will smooth out the hair and make it heavier.

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