Natural Copper tones but want to go Brown.

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Natural Copper tones but want to go Brown.

Hiya :)

My Natural hair colour is light-medium brown with strong copper tones (I've tried to attatch a photo of my hair next to a jar of Nescafe Gold Coffee, to give an indication of it's colour). The copper tones don’t suit my skin tone, which is pale with yellow undertones. I’d like to dye my hair a medium brown colour, without any copper tones. Would it be possible to do this with a Henna Indigo mix? And if yes, which one/s would you recommend ?

In ‘Mix Henna and Indigo for Brunette Colours’, I like the colour of the circle next to the very left hand side circle (I think it is the 75% Henna, 25% Indigo mix), and the colour of the central circle ( I think is the 50% Henna 50% Indigo mix).

In Chapter 7 “Mixing and Testing”, on page 5 “Formulate Your Mix”, there are examples of the achievable stain colours. I like the middle of the five ‘circles of colour’, for the henna and indigo mixes.

The information that is available, via the HennaForHair site is absolutely brilliant and really interesting!!!

Thanks :)


(I don't seem to be able to get the uploaded image of my hair to display. Does it work for anyone else?)

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Cool Medium Brunette


I would start with a cool medium brunette kit, which has amla as the acidic powder to neutralize the redness of the henna. You should get a very neutral to cool brown from this kit, which will cover and tone out the copper in your hair. If that doesn't quite do it for you, I'd try increasing the indigo.


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