Henna EMERGENCY: roommate put henna in fridge! Need henna TODAY!

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Henna EMERGENCY: roommate put henna in fridge! Need henna TODAY!


I made up a batch of henna last night that I need to use today and apparently sometime between last night and this morning my roommate put it in the fridge.  It had not had a chance to dye release before this was done. 

Should I make a new batch? Or will it be ok to simply sit it on the oven and warm it up? My hair appt is in 7 hours! Any tips on how to speed up dye release without effecting color?

I am concerned if I alter my henna recipe, I wil get a different color which would be diastrous as I am only applying to my roots today.  Just an FYI my recipe is:  warm water steeped with chamomile tea bags mixed with henna and let sit overnight.  Apply next day!

Thank you!

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No Problem!


Cold won't do anything to the henna but slow down the dye release. just take it out of the fridge, and maybe put a heating pad over it and wrap the whole thing in a towel. This will speed up the dye release process, so you should be able to have dye release in maybe 5 hours or so. Do not put it in the oven, as the inconsistent heat and high heat will mess up your henna.

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