Time between cassia and henna/indigo?

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Time between cassia and henna/indigo?

Yesterday I experimented with cassia - had left it to dye release overnight with the acidic powder provided by Tap Dancing Lizard and the next day left it on for an hour. It didn't tint my gray roots, so that evening I mixed up my usual henna/cassia/amla to dye release for 12 hours, added indigo in the morning, applied to hair and let it sit for 4.5 hours. This usally makes my gray roots disappear easily, but they are still quite visible! The only thing I did differently was the cassia the day before - is that to blame?

Should I have waited until the cassia treatment washed out in a few weeks before using henna/cassia/indigo?

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Doing the cassia the day

Doing the cassia the day before shouldn't have caused any trouble at all with your cassia, henna, amla mix.  Did you shampoo before using the mixture the next day? Do you have hard water?  Cassia doesn't always cover gray, but leaving it on for several hours can help it have better chances of staining ;)

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