UK resident - need product help.

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UK resident - need product help.

Hi there,  this is my first post :-)  I have begun to investigate Henna as an alternative to shop bought box dyes.  My hair is naturally a mid/dark brown with greys coming through - aaarrgghh!!!!  I have been dying it red for about 2 years now.

Anyway - as you all know chemical hair dyes are not good and I want a change.  Whilst trawling the internet last night I started to see some interesting info and here I am!  My problem is that being in the UK I can't order from your site so need to find alternatives.  I have managed this for most of the henna/cassia/alma powders but the thing that worries me is that I live in a very hard water area.  Its so bad that I won't drink the water as the taste is awful.  I notice on your site you say that hard water is a real problem and the solution to that is 'rainwash'.  Is there a generic chemical name for it that I could try and copy over here or does anyone know of a good alternative thats available in the UK?

Many thanks


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We do ship internationally! It is a bit pricy, so buying in bulk is often a better option, if you decide to order from us (I hope you do!).

Dark brown over grays would be 1 part henna, 2 parts indigo. Amla is optional; 1 part amla for ever 4 parts henna, to tone down red.

Or, if you'd like to continue with red, then just henna.

If you have hard water, you definitely want to use something like our rainwash powder, which dissolves the mineral buildup in your hair, allowing for a more effective dye and better resulting color. It is a product that our company alone makes, so you wouldn't be able to find it in a store.

Because I don't know the contents of the powders you purchased, I can't say whether or not they will work well, or how safe they will be. Definitely consider getting your stuff from us! We can help you get a lower shipping price if you email


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