Need help using henna over color treated hair

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Need help using henna over color treated hair

So, I've henna'd my hair in the past but have been coloring it red for about 4 years now. However, I'm  natural light auburn almost strawberry blond hair so I got it in my head I should try blond hair this summer  and ever since my hair won't accept color. The roots takes color great but the length fades light fast.

that being said, I want to stop with the chemical dyes and just henna my hair from now on, but I need some help. Will my hair accept henna if it's fading chemical dye so fast and will I get the same beautiful copper results I used to get? Also what would be the best way to go about doing this?

any help would be great, I'm anxious to do this soon and I don't want to mess it up


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henna over lightened hair

Hello, Generally, you can henna over lightened hair just fine. It sometimes doesn't grab the dye as well and results in a brighter tone than if done on virgin hair, but definitely doable, and will deepen with repeated applications. For a copper tone I would go with Jasmine, dye released with Copperberry.

You can read this chapter for more info.

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