NEED HELP!! Henna/Cassia/Acid combination & Highlights

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NEED HELP!! Henna/Cassia/Acid combination & Highlights

Needing advice from anyone who has been doing Henna and familiar with Mehandi product....

My hair is very long (down my back) really ugly color currently, (see picture) have been using at home hair dye the past few years trying to re-create a strawberry blondish color; never truly achieving that color with hair dye (almost had a salmon color mixed in).  Last hair dye done one month ago. My hair is in bad shape/dry/fried.  

WHAT I AM SEEKING: I want a color, gingery/copper/cinnamon (like the close up sample in the very top picture under "henna for hair/join group' see site:

WHAT I DO NOT WANT: No auburn/purple, mahogany or eggplant looking.....  

I was thinking I need to highlight my hair first - also wondering if I should do it professionally (but its so much $$), or just get a kit and do it myself ?  Would the stuff I use over the counter work equally as well or last as long as a hairdresser's (highlights)?  I wanted to highlight my hair to get that multi-tonal effect (not just one flat color) and also I know henna keeps building on itself and gets gradually darker, so want to start out a lot lighter in case that should occur....

What do you think of this combination/or would you offer any other suggestions? 

So get a trim, do highlights,  do the Rainwash, then:

Mix: 2  3/4 cup of Zekhara cassia... 1 cup + 3 Tablespoons of Jasmine henna,  5 packets of copperberry (acid) with distilled water, and then put on (after 8-12 hours of dye release) hair for 4 hours....

Would I get that color I am seeking or what suggestions do you have ?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Note:  My current hair color picture uploaded fine, but now after posting this I see its not opening, not sure why ?

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What is the color of your

What is the color of your hair currently? The photo is not loading.  I would do the hilights at a salon, they can lay them out all over and evenly and salon products are monitored closely where as over the counter products are not as much.  Salon products are gentler on the hair as well. 

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