70 % Cassia, 30 % henna

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70 % Cassia, 30 % henna

Hello Ladies, 

Am looking for some pointers am doing 70% Cassia and 30 % Henna the goal is gold, gold, gold tones on medium brown hair with a tinge of red. However, I have found lemon to be very drying so I used chamomile tea, raw honey and then added the juice of one lemon. I had about 3 cups of this liquid but I only used about 1 1/2. I let everything sit overnight and left it on for 3 hours the next day. My hair however, was so soft and totally conditoned not dry at all which is such a stark contrast when I just use lemon and water. Results were slighly more gold tones but nothing spectacular. I'm wondering if my mistake was adding honey or not adding the lemon seperately into the cassia, henna respective containers for more of a boost. 

I understand honey will also add gold tones and contains natural hydrogen peroxide, I was hoping for a boost. Finally, I know cassia required repeated applications to start seeing a lot of gold on brown hair has anyone had success with this? Thank you!

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Honey in a henna mix honestly

Honey in a henna mix honestly doesn't really do anything.  It can't lighten up hair when in  a henna mix either.  Because the hair is darker, it will be harder to see the gold tones. Try a 50/50 mix with Copperberry powder that can be found here: http://www.mehandi.com/shop/citric_acid/

The Copperberry is gentle, but it also dye releases the henna properly so it can stain better.

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I used a mixture of 80%

I used a mixture of 80% cassia to 20$ Jasmine henna on my medium to dark blonde hair .mixed with all orange juice, left on for 3 hours and got TONS of gold gold gold and a deepish reddish tinge. Deep dark gold is more like it though. I can tell the henna is in there for sure, but the warm gold almost brassy tones are PROMINENT

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