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Henna help

I decided to go bold and used a dark red henna. My hair is dark blonde with some highlights. When I used the henna I left some of the blonde highlights in foil packets to keep them blonde and dyed around them. The red on my roots and under hair is good but on the old blonde it's fading and fast!!! Turning orange. From reading on here it's probably because the protein or lack there of in the blonde. I picked up some light brown henna mix and contemplating on using it on all over to kind of tone. Will I be in just a bigger mess or go for it? 

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Did you use a henna from Mehandi, or elsewhere? Henna really shouldn't fade, in fact it often darkens over time. Its really hard to tell what will happen if it's not our products. I can help you find the best solution if you call in or shoot us an email at helpdesk@mehandi.com. You can definitely get a nice red or a brown, whatever you decide to go with, if you're using the right mix.


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