Step away from the henna, go on now, put it down and step away...?

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Step away from the henna, go on now, put it down and step away...?

Hi Henna Peeps,

In the past I've applied BQ Henna purchased here, on virgin hair.  And often, okay usually, probably always, I like the condition of my hair afterwards so much that I kinda go bonkers and then reapply reapply reapply soon afterwards and then obtain a color too dark, too red/auburn for my skin tone and then regret deeply my overenthusiasm.  So, I am wondering if I could reign in the overdoing it part.... when henna is applied ONCE and then not again until say a month, or two or even many months later... does henna fade enough or any so that reapplication will not result in a too dark shade?  I would love to have the benefits... shine, strength offered by henna and avoid the auburn, dark color--resulting from too many applications--(my natural hair is a med brown with gold and red hightlights,) .  Thank you.  PS.  Cassia is something I've done before, although it just doesn't seem to result in the same benefits. 

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Dark henna


I'm glad you love our products as much as we do!

Henna typically doesn't fade much; In fact it does continue to deepen just with time, heat, etc. You could try doing a vitamin C scrub, or applying coconut oil to your hair for a couple hours and shampooing out. These methods can draw out some color over time.

Once a month is probably often enough. If you are using a higher lawsone content henna (like Twilight), consider switching to Monsoon, which tends to be brighter and not as auburn.

You could also do glosses instead of full treatments by mixing equal parts henna paste and conditioner, and only leaving it on for an hour.

Have a great day!


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