part of some hair much lighter than roots

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part of some hair much lighter than roots

Hi! I have brown hair with some gray. I've been dying it with henna for about a year, and at this point, I mostly just do my roots every 4-6 weeks. I love the color overall - much redder than I would have expected over my fairly dark hair.

But there's one chunk of my hair, towards the end in front, that has become much lighter than the rest, and it really stands out (in a bad way). Not sure if it's just because that hair has been around longer, and so it's gotten lighter? or gotten more henna over the various dyings? Or if using henna on just that part would darken it?

Thanks in advance!

- Karen

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Its possible it wasn't as thoroughly covered in the paste when you dyed it, or that the hair there is particularly resistant to henna. Try reapplying to that area to see if it darkens up again. If that doesn't work, there might be a few other things you can try.


Let us know!


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Reply to Karen's post

Dear Karen,

I have the same problem with certain parts of my hair and the reason is that the grey is not even throughout my hair.  There are 3 one inch wide strips of hair, two  around the rear crown area, one in the front above my right eye--these strips need extra care because they are nearly white whereas the rest of my hair is medium grey. 

I have to do a two step process just to get brown hair because all my grey is extremely dye resistant.  When I am doing just my roots, I have to do the entire length of these 3 strips not every time, but every few months. 

I took an 18 month break from the vegetable dyes when I broke my shoulder and when I started up again, it was like doing it for the first time. Before this break, I had used henna and indigo for 4 years and in the beginning I tried many many methods, no mixture of henna and indigo together ever worked, and I tried several different percentage combinations of the two products.

Only the 2 step will work for me. This is how I did my first dye after the long break, and how I do my roots every 4-5 weeks:

Wash my hair thoroughly 2-3 times, adding baking soda to my shampoo once or twice. Next...

I  leave the henna on alone for 4 hours, rinse it out and then do the indigo step for 90 minutes.  

But, the first time, (after the long break ), when I rinsed out the indigo, those 3 strips were still very red, while the rest of my hair was dark brown.  (I know the 2 step is supposed to produce black hair color, but it never has for me.)

I mixed up some more indigo and put it on just those 3 strips and left it on for another 60-90 minutes. Anticipating a question, I have tried leaving the indigo on for 2 hours or longer, but those strips were always red---this is when I was first trying plant dyes 8 years ago and after the long break.

I read everything I could find in books and online, in forums etc about how long to leave the indigo on. There is a great deal of conflicting advice, but most of my use has shown that the indigo stops depositing dye on my hair after 90 minutes, and this is mixing it with distilled water, adding a bit of salt and using it immediately. 

Some places say to let the indigo sit for 10-15 minutes before using, others say use right away--which is what works best for my hair. Using these dyes is a very individual process, and you have to be willing to experiment in order to discover what particular "formula" and timing works best for your hair.

It took a great deal of trial and error and much patience to learn what my hair needs to produce the coverage and color I want. But the products sold by Mehandi are so far superior to anything sold elsewhere, and the results are worth every "Oh darn! my roots and strips are still red", what should I try next?" I went through.

I have lupus, and I am in my mid-sixties, and both the disease and my age combined to create severe hair loss. When I went back to the Mehandi products after the long break due to my shoulder repair/therapy, my hair increased in volume approximately three times after my first two step process described above.

Yes it is a huge investment in time, and for many of us, a steep learning curve, but the results are simply magnificent. The wonderful generous e-book by Ms. Cartwright-Jones, and the knowledgeable staff that answers our questions on the forum and on the phone have helped me enormously. They are exceptionally patient, kind and willing to spend as much time as you need to help solve any problems you might have.

Do not give up. The first thing I learned here is that henna and the other products are essentially treatments for our hair that also dye it, and that is how it has worked for me.  I hope you are able to find the combination that works for you as soon as possible. Keep trying, and remember that the great people who answer the phone at Mehandi will help you with everything; I cannot emphasize enough how much they have supported and encouraged me through my journey.

By the way, you might want to consider experimenting with glosses. I have had great success with them between doing my roots,  for touching up my color, and helping with my hair's texture, volume and especially shine. I should have mentioned earlier that my hair has never had the shine these products produce since my hair was untouched by any dyes---decades ago.

This is long enough, but one day I will write a post about the strange forumula I use for my glosses.

Again, best of luck, everything you are going through will be rewarded with the hair of your dreams one day soon.


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Thank you both so much! I will try applying the paste to that area next time I do my roots. I'm happy for it to be red if it would blend in more! I really don't know how gray that part of my hair is at this point, but the gray in my hair is very variable, so it might be that I need to add somethign else before or after the henna.

I'll let you know if this makes a difference.

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