Tips for First time Henna user

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Tips for First time Henna user
Hey! I've been dying my hair a deep auburn for roughly 4 years now and have noticed that my hair is really starting to dry out on the ends. Because of this I'm eager to see if henna will help repair my hair. I've been researching different methods but I just wanted to see if you guys had any tips for me. I haven't really seen my natural hair colour for four years but I think it's a really light brown/dirty blonde. I want my hair to still be a deep auburn and to use organic henna powder. Any advice you guys could give me would be super appreciated. Thanks so much!
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I would recommend using

I would recommend using Twilight with Malluma Kristalovino to dye release for best results. You can find them here:

Here is a fantastic book that has a lot of valuable information:

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