honey lightening

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honey lightening

Hi everyone...ive been trying to lighten my hair naturally..I tried the vitamin c and clarifying shampo..it was ok..but then I tried using honey and cinnamon..today was day two...I notice my hair is alot more shiney and so soft...so surprised of the result..I know it a gradual process but its worth it =) 

Heres what I used

Unfiltered raw honey


Some strong chamomille tea 

Olive oil

Lemon juice

Mix all together let sit for a bit at least 15min. Apply to your hair cover with plastic and leave on for at least an hour or more..then wash out.

I eyeball amounts for my lenght of hair...I will be hennaing this weekend my third time...thank Goddess for this henna forum..the best...thought I share ♡

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Do you recall how much of

Do you recall how much of what you used with this mix?  Just trying to figure out the portions so I can try it out.  Thanks!

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