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On the website, I've seen photos of how different ratios of henna, cassia, indigo look when dyed on white hair samples. What I'm wondering, is there anywhere that shows an example of what the different types of henna look like compared to each other, when dyed on white hair? I understand that Jasmine is more coppery than some of the others, but it would be nice to see an example of differences in hue between the different types of henna so I can get an idea of the color potential. Thank you!

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Henna Colors


As of now, we do not have any images comparing our hennas. It's a little hard to do because the color varies a lot depending on the hair it is applied to. In some cases, the difference is quite hard to notice. You are correct that Jasmine is more coppery. Monsoon tends to be a brighter red, and Twilight creates deeper auburn tones.

You can also order sample packets for $1.50 each, and free shipping, if you wanted to do strand tests.

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