henna on chemically dyed hair

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henna on chemically dyed hair

Hey everyone! This may be a little long, but I just needed some advice since I don't know anyone that puts henna on their hair. I had my hair dyed in mid July at a salon, and I wanted to try henna so I bought some from Light Mountain (Red) in mid August. I read that it is best to wait 6+ weeks before using henna, so that is what I did. When I mixed the henna, I followed the directions and I used hot filtered water with a splash of ACV and let it sit for an hour. I was very meticulous with applying it and let it sit for 1.5 hours with heat once in a while. When I took it off and let it set for a few days, I got the color I wanted which was a medium auburn EXCEPT for a few chunks which turned out to be a muddy brown, almost blackish greenish. It is mostly at my scalp at the front near my face, and a few long pieces here and there all over. Did I need to let it sit for longer on my scalp, or let it brew longer and sit in my hair longer? Also, I am about ready to henna my hair again.. Is it okay to use it, or should I try to clarify my hair some first with a honey lemon treatment? 

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Unfortunately I cannot help

Unfortunately I cannot help with another company's products, but I can guide you in the right direction with Ancient Sunrise products, if you are interested.  You may email us at helpdesk@mehandi.com =]


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