Full treatment vs gloss dye release?

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Full treatment vs gloss dye release?

Hi all,

I used henna for a few years and have since taken a two-year break to experiment with other hair colors. After contending with the damage and fading that came along with chemical hair colors, I have decided to go back to henna, but I find that I am a little rusty on some of the specifics!

My hair has previous bleach damage, but is not mushy or breaking off. I recently colored it a hair darker than my natural color, hoping to get as close to my prior hennaed color as possible. Now, it seems that I am a little confused about how to get optimum dye release to achieve that color.

Previously, I always mixed my dye-released henna with conditioner before I applied it because I find that it makes my hair feel less straw-like afterward, as well as making rinsing simpler. Reading through the forums though, I am now concerned that this isn't the best way to get rich color. I let my henna/lemon juice mix sit for about 12 hours in a cool room, so by the charts the dye release should be best from hours 12-24. I also sleep in my henna, so it is in my hair for a good 8-10 hours at a time before I wash it out. 

The question I have now is: would it benefit me more to do a full henna (with lemon juice only) for four hours, or will I achieve similar results with a henna/lemon juice/conditioner mix left on for twice that amount of time?

Sorry if I seem to be rambling! Just trying to give as much information as possible. :)

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Hi there!

Hi there!

Glosses do prevent the henna from taking as strong.  It is normal for the hair to feel dry after the first few days while it is oxidizing, then it settles down. 

You can use acidic powders instead: http://www.mehandi.com/shop/citric_acid/

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