Hennaed hair with long roots.

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Hennaed hair with long roots.

 Hello All! 

I hennaed my long hair in April 2014. I used Ancient Sunrise- Rajasthani Monsoon 500g.  I still have 100g packet left.  Life got in the way and I never touched up my roots.  My hair is naturally red and the henna brought my childhood color right back! I loved it!  

The lenght of my hair is  now about mid thigh and still the lovely shade of henna red, but my head, from hairline to about the nape of my neck is a different shade of reddish/brown with a lot of grey. It's hard to explain but I looked kinda two toned. I keep my hair in a bun most days. My bun is a different color than my head!  I look like an old lady that can't give up her mismatched hair piece!  LOL I can take some pictures and post if that will help. 

I really do not want the lenght to be any darker I just wish I could have more of a blend. I am thinking maybe a stong gloss combed in might work...? I'm not concered about total grey coverage.  Honestly, I kinda missed my grey when I did the first treatment.  I did love how the greys came out looking like highlights though! LOL  Hope this makes some kind of sense. :o)

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

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Henna on roots


You can apply henna just on the roots of your hair. If you are worried about matching it up or getting henna on the rest, apply henna normally to the scalp and roots, up to an inch or so away from the darker part, and then just comb/smooth the excess henna to blend. The transition shouldn't be too noticeable.

I hope this helps!


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