Traffic Cone Orange hair

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Traffic Cone Orange hair


I have been using the Ancient Sunrise® Rajasthani Twilight for about 6 months now, done 2 full length applications.  I have naturally a medium brown hair that I have been lightening to a ash blonde for awhile then I henna over that a week later and I get great results.  A really great red color that I love. 

 I mix the henna with just ReaLemon juice in a glass bowel with a wooden spoon, let it sit with plastic wrap covering overnight.  I haven't really understood in other people's recipes the whole dye release, I assume its when there is this watery red liquid floating around the green?  Anyway after all night I see that, then I add some distilled water to get the right mashed potato consistency and put it all in my hair.  My husband helps and he HATES doing it, oh well.  Then I wrap a plastic bag around my head, sit with it on for 8 hours.  I go out in the sun for a bit, I put a heating pad on my head lol.  Then I rinse it all out with cold water, once the worst of the henna globs is out I fill the tub up and rinse that way, tons of conditioner and rinse.  I don't wash my hair with shampoo for 2 days or get it wet.  After I shampoo it that first time and condition I go another 2 days without.  By then it isn't leaking red onto my towel and clothes as much and I go back to daily shampoos.  It takes about 2 weeks for the henna to stop leaking onto my hair towel and clothes.  Luckily if I wash them right away it doesn't permanently stain.

Recently we moved from a big city to Timbuktu , talking 1,000 residents and that is it.  So I had to get a new hairdresser.  So I showed her my blonde hair pics, told her exactly what my old hairdresser would do, pointed to a hair color swatch and said lighten to this, etc....I walked out with bleach white roots OMG, she lightened me WAY too much!  I am non confrontational so just left without saying anything and in a town this small meh :(  I miss my old hairdresser :(  she understood my henna desires of red hair.  Was this sabotage who knows.  So when I used henna on my new roots I got BRIGHT ORANGE, so so sad, I cried and cried, my husband then does the grumpy man things about how henna is bad and blah blah and a pain in the ass and why not just have a hairdresser make my hair red....he doesn't get that hairdresser red doesn't last where henna does!  Suffice it to say I have had to go to work like this.  I am a nurse, yep I feel so unprofessional right now.  Nothing like the (OMG WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR from both doctors and patients), I also got told my hair is a beautiful red on the ends, except my 2 inch roots which everyone said looked orange SIGH.  It has been 4 days and the orange isn't so bright, the whole oxidation thing did happen but it still is too orange!

I know its not the henna's fault.  It is mine and that dingaling hairdresser's.   I have gone ahead and ordered more Ancient Sunrise® Rajasthani Twilight since I read that more applications will darken the henna; I HOPE!  I also ordered Ancient Sunrise® Malluma Kristalovino, which says helps take the henna to more auburn.

I am hoping with many applications of henna it will darken to the color brunettes get when using henna so when I henna my medium brown roots it will match the rest or at least blend okay.  I will NEVER bleach my roots again, can't trust amyone but yourself if you want the job done right :(  I won't even get into the scalp burns she gave me.  UGH

So to mix the Ancient Sunrise® Malluma Kristalovino and Ancient Sunrise® Rajasthani Twilight?  How long to leave on?  I am thinking I should just do the traffic cone orange roots?  Not my whole head of hair?

I also ordered some of Mehandi's shampoo, hoping that helps with the smell which hubby hates and the bleeding of the henna which I hate.  I use color safe salon shampoo and conditioner, but you know it isn't natural and I am starting to think natural is the ONLY way to go anymore.

I have a blog so you can see pics, I couldn't get them to upload here despite the file size and type being correct.


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Each time you apply henna on

Each time you apply henna on your hair, it gets darker. You could just dye your roots with henna again, which should result in a darker shade.

If your roots come out too dark after the second henna application, then you can just lighten them with a lightening spray. Here's a video on how one person did it: 

If your roots come out too light, just do another henna application. It would be pretty complicated to figure out how much indigo and henna mixed together would give you the perfect color to match the rest of your hair. This is because everyone's hair reacts differently to henna, so someone else's indigo and henna mix might provide different results on your hair. 

Good luck, and I hope this helped. 

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Malluma and smell


To mix the Malluma Kristalovino with the Henna, just stir the powder in with the henna powder and use distilled water as a liquid.

As for bleeding of color and smell, use cooler water. A small amount of henna washing out is normal for the first few days, as the excess molecules that didn't bind to the hair are coming out. Cardamom powder or ginger powder can help the smell, as will a few drops of lavender oil.

I hope this helps!


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I think she means adding oil

I think she means adding oil on the hair after you henna, as oil in the henna mix can cause it to not stick so well ;)

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