First Time Blonde Henna

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First Time Blonde Henna

I have been working on going chemical free on my hair. So for a month before doing the henna I have been detoxing my hair using Morroco Method products. I used their blond Henna with alma, acid was the tea blend they send. It was a more golden than I like as my natural color is ash brown. The to yellow was on areas that had highlights on it over 9 weeks ago. 

My question is the next time I use Ancient Sunrise® Henna for Hair Kit:  Blonde and use Ancient Sunrise® Nightfall Rose for the acid medium will this give it more of an ash blonde color?

Here is a picture of the before and after. The only thing I did like is the new growth is much darker than the blond. I am afraid of going to dark if I used a brown.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Yes, the Nightfall rose powder should ash out some of the brighter tones of the blonde. You may also just see a difference using our products versus your previous purchase. If the cassia with nightfall rose is still coming out too bright for you, feel free to call the customer service hotline at 330-673-0600 to talk to a specialist to have a custom mix designed for you.

Have a great day!



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About Nightfall

Hi rchou, 

What Nightfall can do to cassia-indigo/buxus mix? it can change the tone of the indigo\buxus? 
I'm using more cassia to dulite the dark color of buxus\indigo but I'd be happy to see more ash tones, maybe Nightfall could do the trick ? 

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You will want to have some

You will want to have some henna in there, since cassia, indigo and buxus will make your hair green!

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