Highlighting Henna'd Hair

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Highlighting Henna'd Hair

I have been Hennaing my hair with BAQ henna for approximately 9 months. Lately, the henna has been getting rather dark and "solid" looking in regards to the color. I like it, but I would like some more dimensions in my color. My stylist, who cuts my hair, is familiar with henna and said she would be able to add some highlights around my face. 

My question is this: how does BAQ henna react to dye/highlighting? I will be going to a very good Aveda salon, and I trust my stylist, but I have an interview the next day, and I don't want a hair disaster to deal with! 

Thanks for all your help!


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Re: Highlighting Henna'd Hair

I would wait till after your interview. If you got your henna from mehandi.com, you wont have to worry about reactions. The only problem is the color. You will NOT get blond, at least not easily. If your stylist tries (especially in one sitting), they will probably melt your hair.


I would take some hair from your hair brush (or if you need a trim, have them keep it) and have your stylist do some highlighting tests on that hair. Different levels of developer for different times. Discuss and see which one would go best with your current color and all that, then have them do that one.

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