Cassia question, please help!

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Cassia question, please help!

Yesterday I used cassia for the first time on my medium brown hair with 30% gray roots. I'm a previous boxed hair color gal with my last time being about 10 weeks ago. My hair has a subtle ombre to it as well.

I mixed the cassia with coconut milk instead of water and did not let it sit. I wasn't looking for a color change, rather I wanted to see how it reacted to my hair. I also wanted the shine and thickening benefits. I also added a bit of cinnamon to help with the smell. I left it on for an hour. 

Im not seeing a big difference in thickness and only a slight difference in shine. I'd like to try it again, but mixed with an acid. How long do I need to wait? Also, I froze the leftovers. Can I add that to my new acid mixture the next time I color? Thank you!

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For conditioning benefits,

For conditioning benefits, you can use just distilled water, and leave it on for an hour.  If you are wanting to dye release it, it will need to sit for about 8 hours.   You can freeze it, if you dye release it, that is correct. 

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