Indigo after henna is on head?

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Indigo after henna is on head?

I like to henna my whole head becuase of the health benefits of the henna for my hair, but for my gray roots I have to do either a 1 step henndigo or a 2 step indigo/henna. 

I'm wondering - if I put henna on my whole head, after a couple of hours could I add an indigo mix into my roots then, with the henna still on my whole head?  I'm not sure if this would even work just as far as getting it really mixed into my roots, etc. but was wondering if it should work as far as the coloring goes?



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It wouldn't be beneficial, as

It wouldn't be beneficial, as you wouldn't gain any coloring difference, and it would be a pain in the butt to go through all of the roots. 

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