Gray hair

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Gray hair

I'm new using Henna.

First, I dyed my gray hair with henne and I got an orange color ... Then I used a mix henne and indigo - 1/2- 1/2. I got a golden coppery. 

I would like to get a brown, what I need to do ?

I made a test 1/3 henne and 2/3 indigo and the results after 1 hour was a lighter golden, not brown.

What I need to do,  try again 1/2 henne and 1/2 indigo ? and for how much I need to rest to get the color ? Thanks.

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Make sure you are thoroughly

Make sure you are thoroughly cleansing the hair before you do your mix (Rainwash is awesome!)- don't use conditioner beforehand.

Use only distilled water with Indigo with an optional 1 teaspoon of salt for every 100g.

Leave the henna and indigo mix on the hair for 3 hours.

I would test the 1/2 and 1/2 first before adding more indigo again, to make sure that this will be what you are wanting.  You can always mix a small amount of henna and indigo as well to test.

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