Henna and indigo fading

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Henna and indigo fading

Hi. I want to start a discussion on how henna and indigo fade (over years). I haven't seen much on the internet about people who have left their hair to fade without re-applying or intentionally stripping their henna/indigo. 

My situation: I want to dye my hair with henna and indigo. I'm naturally med-dark blond (10cm of re-growth) with bleached blonde ends. I'm hoping to get a light brown colour with henna, indigo, cassia and amla. My question is: if I use this mix (or something similar), but leave it to fade or grow out (as I'm hoping to achieve a colour only slightly darker than my natural colour so that I don't need to maintain it), will I notice the colour fading evenly or am I likely to find that the henna fades faster than the indigo and need to reapply to avoid a green tint. I realise that henna and indigo are extremely permanent, I'm thinking about slight fading over years. Thanks for any advise!

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In my experience, if there's

In my experience, if there's any fading at all, it will be from the indigo and not the henna.  Lots of people have indigo fading, but I've never read on this forum where people get henna fade.  It's because the henna molecule is the one that attaches to your hair, whereas the indigo molecule attaches to the henna. 



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