Henna to sandy blonde

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Henna to sandy blonde

Hi everyone,

I somehow had the patience to grow out my virgin hair and decided back in September ( 8 months ago) to dye it with Light Mountain Red Henna (the one with the fox). Alas I'm tired of the red and want a summery sandy blonde color. I have healthy hair, a little shorter than mid-back. Am I going to kill my hair going blonde? Can I do it on my own or should I see a professional? And lastly,  does anyone have a similar story or have experience going blonde after henna? I used Color Oops a few days ago and the henna lightened a teeny tiny bit. 


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I would recommending

I would recommending contacting that company's customer service to make sure it is 100% safe to do chemical over the henna. If is lab tested, there will be no issue.  If it is not, I would be very cautious, as there is nothing that shows what is in the product, and any metallic salts can interact negatively with chemicals dyes.  It is always best to go to a professional, but be sure to let them know before hand, so there are no unexpected surprises to the stylist. 

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