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Won't Stop Running!

Hi guys, I'm new here and in need of some help. Time for a henna backstory:

I've been using wine red henna from henna color lab for about half a year now. I love the color it makes my hair, and it's great to not be using chemical dyes. I'm not sure why this is, but the the bottom half of my hair is far lighter and orange than the top half of my hair. I usually do my whole head rather than my roots, so that's not the reason. That was just an observation that I noticed, not sure if it will help in my other problem.

Dye hates my hair. In the past when I've gotten it chemically done, an entire professional dye job would rinse out of my hair in the first shower, no longer how long I wait to shower. So, discovering henna was pretty great, since it mostly sticks. But my hair never stops running henna when I shower, even if it's been more than five weeks since I've dyed it. Is it my hair, the brand I'm using, or something else? 

I mean it's plenty annoying to not be able to put my wet hair anywhere for fear of staining, but it's not the end of the world, since I really like my hair red. I wouldn't care, except for that this summer I will be spending a few weeks in the Carribean, and in a villa with a pool. Naturally, my hair will be getting wet lots, so I'm worried on how I can keep it from running and staining clothes, villa, etc. 

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks,


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I know they can not legally

I know they can not legally discuss other brands on here, so you may not get an answer on that part of the question. I will say, usually my hair will "run" maybe 3 days after doing henna. But I co-wash my hair every day or at minimum wet my hair completely in the shower. I can't wake up fully if I haven't wet my head. Go figure. Maybe you're waiting too long between washes? How bad is it running? 

Realy not sure why your ends would be lighter than your roots. That seems odd. Do you do whole head or just root application each time? 


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