New to Henna - Help Please

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New to Henna - Help Please

I have never henna'd my hair before and would like to try, although I am pretty nervous about it. My hair is about boob length. It is naturally dark brown but it is chemically dyed brown because I am about 25% grey, I also have the ends ombred. Currently my hair is 2 inches of dark brown with 25% grey, then a warm dark to medium brown fading into a dark blonde (ombre). 

My first question is about the allergy test - do I need to let the henna delvelop for 12 hours before doing that? 

My next question is about dye release, this is not really covered in the ebook on this site. It just says mix the henna with an acidic and let it sit overnight. Is there a maximum amount of time it can sit before it is no longer usable? I seem to be reading 12 hours is about how long it should sit before you use it, but I'm not sure. 

Based on how I described my hair above does this (see below) seem like a good plan to get a warm medium/dark brown? I am also REALLY wanting the healthy glossy fuller effect some people talk about - that's equally as important to the color for me.

Mix 200 grams of Ancient Sunrise Rajasthani Twilight henna with orange juice and let it sit on the counter for 12 hours. Is there another juice that woudl work as well but is even less drying?

Use Ancient Sunrise  Rainwash Mineral Treatment (leave on for 40 minutes) rinse and shampoo with a clarifying shampoo - Or should I just do the rainwash and skip the shampoo? Dry hair.

Right before I'm ready to apply to hair mix 200 grams of Ancient Sunrise Zekhara Indigo with room temp distilled water . Is that the right temp or does it need to be boiling?

Mix, mix, mix henna and indigo, then mix some more. Should I add anything else at this point? Would any herbs or anything help with my multi colored hair?

Apply to hair, wrap with saran wrap, beanie, and let sit for 4 hours (my grey hair is very resistent). Is 4 hours too long? I seem to be reading about indigo only being active for so long and then if you leave it too long the henna (orange) will take over. I definitely don't want that to happen!

Rinse hair, using conditioner if neccassary, and do not shampoo for a couple days. Can anyone recommend a good conditioner to use for the rinse? I've heard some conditioners can take out the indigo. I currently use "It's a 10" conditioner, does anyone know if that is a good one? I would buy the one from the site but it has silk and I'm vegan and don't use products containing animal ingredients. 

Thank you so much for reading through this! Any answers/advice is greatly appreciated!!

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You don't necessarily have to

You don't necessarily have to let the henna dye release in order to do an allergy test, as the reaction would likely happen either way.

We don't recommend letting your paste sit out for much longer than 12 hours, with a maximum of 24 hours. You can always refrigerate or freeze it if you need to save it for longer.

Apple juice tends to be the most gentle liquid to mix with, it also speeds up the dye release to around 4-6 hours.

You can use either just the Rainwash, just a clarifying shampoo, or both.

Room temperature water for the indigo will work just fine.

The only thing we recommend adding with the indigo is a pinch of salt, to help it bond with the hair. Nothing else we have found really has much of a positive effect.

2-3 hours is good to leave the mix on the hair when you are using indigo in your mix.

Hope this helps!

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