Manic Panic questions

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Manic Panic questions

Hi everyone

I've been doing some googling on using manic panic hair dye on henna'd hair and have found some conflicting info.

Please respond if you know the answers.

Is manic panic over henna'd hair perfectly safe?? (I just did my henna on Saturday and bought Rock and Roll red manic panic I was thinking of putting on tomorrow)

I saw some posts saying that the manic panic did not wash out. Has anyone experienced that?

Would all the manic panic be gone by the time I need to do my roots again? (about 3 weeks)

If some manic panic is still in my hair is it ok to henna over it?

Thank you all so much!

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As long as the henna is 100%

As long as the henna is 100% pure and lab tested to prove it, there will be no issues with it on top of or underneath henna.

Manic panic is a semi permanent dye.  This means that with each shampoo, more and more will rinse off.  There are times when it can stain the hair and the stain can stick for several washes, and there are times when one can only get a single wash out of it.  This depends on the hair.

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Manic Panic hair dye did not

Manic Panic hair dye did not wash out ever for me. I used a couple of different red shades, and they never ever came out, even years later. Semi permanant my butt. I hope I'm not too late with this comment. Don't do it, unless you want it forever.

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I recently went through this.

I recently went through this. I used to use MP (20 years ago) and didn't remember it not washing out, but back then that wasn't the goal. A few months ago I dyed my completely grey hair with blue MP and it did not wash out or fade out. But that's bc I had grey hair so the blue became the only color in my hair (science 'n stuff). Anywho, I went to my hairdresser, she contacted MP and they told her I could either bleach cap my hair (which I didn't want to do and it was no guarantee of it coming out anyways ) or color over it with the opposite color, which was Orange (science), which we did. So in 1 afternoon, I went from blue to orange to brown. My hairdresser said MP is the equivalent of rit dye. It's tough and volatile. 

However, red MP on red henna is still going to be red. So I don't think it should be much of a problem. 

Sorry for the long answer. Hope it helped.

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