how to adjust as hair gets more gray

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how to adjust as hair gets more gray

I started using your henna several years ago.  I love it!  As time goes on, I am getting more gray (about 25% now, but almost completely white around my face), and my henna results are becoming more orange than warm auburn.  My dark brown hair is losing its rich color and becoming duller and lighter.  My skin is pretty fair, but definitely on the yellower/warmer end of the spectrum (not pink), so I don't want to go with a cool color.  What can I do to gradually lighten the overall color of my hair as more gray comes in?  I know that henna/cassia/etc do not lighten the dark hair, but I would like the gray to be a gentle warm color that eventually becomes my new color (covering the gray) as I go completely gray. 

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how to adjust as hair gets more gray

You have a few options....

1. Try mixing amla in with your henna to tone down the copperiness. This essentially will yield a bit of a coooler tone, but it might actually be what you're looking for.

2. If you actually want to gradually get lighter tones in your hair with each root application with the final result eventually being full on gray, you'll want to add cassia in a higher and higher quantities with every few applications. Your ratios will be unique depending on the current color of your hair and the ratio you've been using.


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