Henna dark hair

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Henna dark hair

I've been using chemical dyes for ten years, always red colors. I want to use henna because it's healthier. The first time I henna'd it was only two weeks after my last chemical dye job, so everything came out even and bright and I loved the color. Now I can't get my roots to match...I've tried three different henna's, added gig get, used lemon juice, used distilled versus tap water, left it on overnight, and more. I don't know what to do because I've used the henna on my roots so many times that I'm afraid if I go back to chemical dyes it won't work/it'll be a disaster! Any advice?? My natural color is very dark brown and my color now is coppery red (like Felicia Day's color).

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Some people will use both

Some people will use both henna and bleach.  They will alternate hilights to get a nicer lighter color, and the henna can help repair any damages that came from the hilights.  As long as the henna was lab tested, there should be no issues.

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