Ive converted!

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Ive converted!

syringes are my new love - I bought a couple when I was in Marrakech recently and boy what an ease to use! Ive never been a big fan of cones and jac bottles make my hands hurt but are still good however the syringes are definitely my new love *swoon*

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Re: Ive converted!

yah syringes can be cool sometimes.

ive started with syringens but i prefer cones beacause you dont have to refill them everytime.

i hope you have bought enough because if you have bought the cheap ones ( 5 dirham) they break really fast.

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Re: Ive converted!

can't imagine working at a crowd with syringes, small children freak out often when you are going to henna with a cone-I can just imagine the sheer terror and screams if you had a syringe 

Each person should use what they like and works best for them-cones for us at Henna Caravan.LOL

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