conditioner to keep dye looking great?

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conditioner to keep dye looking great?
Hoping to use henna for the first time in the next week or so and i am looking for some things to add to a homemade conditioner to keep the color looking the way i want it to. I think my hair is going to pull a ton of orange color as there is alot of copper in my natural color and i want to tone down the red to a closer to purple color (i know it ptobably wont be th e exact shade i would like) ive red alot of things about tea rinses and black walnut powder but what can i use on a regular basis in conditioner and dye touch ups to get a not orange color?
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If you are wanting to tone

If you are wanting to tone down the orange a little, you can use a little indigo in your  henna.

You can use indigo in your conditioner as well, and here is how:

2 teaspoons indigo powder mixed with distilled water into a paste- combine this with 1/4 cup conditioner.  Leave it on for 20 minutes, and shampoo and condition.  This is called an indigo gloss.

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