Strand test - from green to purple (deep burgundy)

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Strand test - from green to purple (deep burgundy)

I tried out some Light Mountain Natural hair color in both medium brown and dark brown.  Followed all instructions - used distilled water, no metal, etc.  After letting solution sit, rinsed with tap water then with conditioner and water (since a lot of videos suggest rinsing hair with conditioner to help remove all the henna).  Strand test for both turned out quite green at first.  After letting oxidize for 24 hours, washed strands with shampoo.  Still quite green, especially the "dark brown" color.  Now about 1 1/2 weeks later, looked at the strands and they have a very purple hue (especially the dark brown - it is VERY purple).  We do have hard water, but we have a water softener.  I use JR Liggett shampoo bar on my hair for washing - nothing else on hair - no conditioner, etc.).  Any ideas why the hair turned purple?  My hair is naturally a medium to dark brown.  That's what I want.  Now I'm scared to ever try henna/indigo on my entire head.  Top 8" of hair are "new" hair - never been chemically dyed.  Bottom was last dyed about 3 years ago.  Same result in color from top to bottom - PURPLE!

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Probably not pure, change brand

If it's green, it's not pure henna. It must have some added chemicals. Change the brand of henna, make sure it's 100% pure BAQ henna. Purchase a small quantity first, do a strand test, then, if it's good, order more.

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Strand test - from green to purple (deep burgundy)

It's hard to say exactly what could have been in that mix...probably an excess of indigo, but we cannot know for sure.

If you'd like to cover your hair with dark brown, I recommend a mix of our Twilight Henna and Sudina Indigo.

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