How to get ash brown color?

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How to get ash brown color?

Hello everyone, I have a question about mixing henna, indigo and amla.

I hennaed my hair 2 years ago, back then I was trying to get orange, ginger color and straighten my hair as much as possible. I couldn't get it as light as I wanted, since my hair is too dark, my natural color is this.

Since then, I colored my hair with chemical dye, currently I'm a bit darker than my natural color is, but I have yellowish-golden-orange reflection. I would like to get rid of it by using henna, indigo and amla mix, but I'm not sure how much of them do I need. 

I have thin hair, but it's very dense, about inch or two past shoulder length (it depends if it's curly or wavy, I'm something in between). Which ratio of henna : indigo : amla should I use to get my natural color - ash medium brown, and to maintain my hair frizz-free and not to mess up the waves/curls?

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None of the plant powders

None of the plant powders will lighten up the chemcally treated hair, but it can help mask grays. 

I would recommend testing 1 part henna (25g of Amla is needed for every 100g of henna), amla, and 1 part indigo.

If it is too dark, you may add some cassia as needed.

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