Newly bought indian powders+might be allergic to henna (I'm new!!!)

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Newly bought indian powders+might be allergic to henna (I'm new!!!)

Hello everyone,

I'm Keren, 24. And I'm new!

I'm so glad there is a forum for this because after doing my online research I now feel a bit scared to try anything on my hair. Previously I've done natural henna + half a small standard bottle of iodione on my hair (4-6hrs before, 4-6hrs on hair). That resulted in gorgeous hair I've never had before with a beautiful colour, plus burning and itching of the sculp, ears and the back of my neck until the henna was fully out of my hair. I am not sure if it was the brand of the henna, just henna or the iodine. I am actually in the midst of experimenting with it now on my arms.

I really want to try these natural remedies again because as much as it was fatal, it was also quite successful last time. I bought Amla, Shikaki, Ritha and Multani. Could you tell me if any of you have had any expedrience with these and what you believe these would be good for. So far I have:

- natural no-poo shampoo for ritha+shikaki.

- natural conditioning and replacement for lemon for amla.

- conditioning or cleaning for multani. I am a bit cautious of that one beacause I also read it is used for hair removal, which is very much what I DON'T want. I want my hair on my head.


Sorry if this is painfully long. Hope someone replies. ^_^

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allergic reactions

Be careful and always patch test!! I have found out that I am allergic to indigo, in adittion to ppd. So, I decided to just let my hair be and spend my money on clothes and makeup instead--and a nice haircut. An allergy will continue to get worse every time you expose your body to the allergen. It can become life-threatening. If after patch testing, there is any redness or itching--play it safe and don't use it. Listen to what your body is telling you!

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