Covering Gray

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Jean Marie
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Covering Gray

I did a test strip on a section of my hair that had gray in it to see what it would look like.  Unfortunately it looks like the gray part didn't color at all.   6 weeks ago I had colored my hair with the chemical Vidal Sassoon Carnaby Cooper Red and though it came out very red, it faded to a pretty strawberry blonde. That's the color I would like to match.  I purchased from Henna Maiden their strawberry blonde mix, and before I take the leap, I tested it.  It colored my dirty blonde eyebrows well but not the gray that's coming in.  I don't know if I should purchase a darker color - what to do?


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I would recommend using a

I would recommend using a rainwash treatment before to help remove any mineral build up on the hair to see if that helps.

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