Hair as black as a black cat!

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Hair as black as a black cat!

I tried henna and indigo for the first time ever, since I have developed a type IV reaction to something in chemical hair dyes--probably ppd or some derivative. Since my hair was already black from the previous dye, I decided black was the safest option-plus I didn't want to bother with a strand test. Anyway, my hair turned out a beatiful, shiny black color. So much nicer than box dyes, but without the damage. Even if I didn't hava a ppd allergy, I would never go back to box color. This is so much better. I much prefer the earthy smells of henna and indigo to the reek of those harsh chemical smells. A new HennaHead for sure!

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Any fading with the black

Any fading with the black/indigo?  My indigo ALWAYS fades no matter what.  If you haven't had any fading, can you please share your recipe?

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That is great news!!

That is great news!!

Jora, I saw in another post you use a lot of coconut oil. Coconut oil is what we suggest to help remove indigo. Olive oil may work better for you.  Try using a rainwash before as well to get the best results.

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